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Move the bangle from arm to arm, and to wrist, if necessary. It may take a week or so.

Benefits of Wearing Silver Bracelet

It took me a month. My body hated the thing in the beginning. Most people say they do not even notice it after a few weeks. If you have worn your bangle for a while and the bangle starts to irritate you this is either cleanliness or the astrological bangle doing its job. This usually happens in hot weather which often affects diet, skin moisture, and body pH.

Bacteria will be more prevalent during hot weather also. A toothbrush and dish soap will clean the strands, and a brief soak in methanol or isopropyl rubbing alcohol will sterilize it. One way to relieve the sticky irritation of the bangle in hot weather and to really get it clean is to soak it in a bath of hydrogen peroxide for an hour.

More on cleaning here. Some symptoms can be flu-like or perhaps a smothering feeling. It may become quite hot. A pressure like manacles or handcuffs or even a fever might happen. Unfortunately, this is not the time to take it off. Move the bangle from place to place on the body, if the discomfort is extreme or incapacitating — but always consider what the bangle could be protecting you from. If the bangle is really bothering you, remove it at night before going to bed. Clean it well, and place it on your altar for an hour. Often this is enough to stop the irritation. What is the best way to clean my bangle?

We recommend that you clean your bangle every few months, and have it annealed at least once a year. We can clean and anneal your bangle. For the adventurous, you can try cleaning and annealing your bangle at home. However, please be careful not to heat it too much or you may permanently damage the strands making it difficult or impossible to repair. Clean and anneal it yourself. What maintenance does my bangle require? The three difficulties facing bangles are: 1 dirt or discoloration; 2 stiffness and cracking; 3 thinness due to erosion by skin chemistry.

Often these cracks are not apparent to the naked eye. If the bangle gets springy we can anneal soften and clean pickle it to a bright new luster. Bangles need this from every three months to yearly; it depends again on the wearer. However, if any of the metal strands are cracking, you will need to repair or rebuild your bangle see below. Thinness is cured only by strand replacement—copper and silver usually are replaced together in a careful process saving the gold. I replace both the silver and the copper together when the copper is worn or broken as experience shows that the silver needs replacing by then.

Our current service schedule Cleaning and annealing usually requires a few days to a week. If your repair is urgent, or must be completed within a certain timeframe, please call our office and inquire as to when it would be best to send your bangle in for repair for optimum turn-around time. What is the difference between a bangle repair and a bangle rebuild? Repairs consist of removing and replacing one or both of the silver or copper strands or welding a broken gold strand. If the gold strand is in good condition but either of the other strands is damaged or thin, a repair can be an affordable way to fix your bangle and may be all that is needed.

Replacing the broken or thin strands is the only reliable method of repairing the bangle, and soldering or brazing will always crack again in a month or so. When rebuilding the bangle we dismantle it, discard the silver and copper strands and rework the gold strand, adding more gold as needed to match the original formula and make the strand look good again. The rebuilt bangle is annealed, polished, looks almost exactly like new read below about the slight difference in appearance between a rebuilt and new bangle , and all three metals of the bangle are sure to be at their specified weights as determined by Sri Yukteswar.

The cost of rebuilding varies depending on the amount of gold that is needed to bring it to the correct weight.


If you wish to have your old copper and silver wires returned to you, you must tell us in advance and this will be an additional charge. Pricing for repairs and rebuilds is on our Repair a Bangle page. Is there a difference between a rebuilt bangle and new one? Both new and rebuilt bangles offer the same protection.

They will each have the correct amounts of copper, silver, and gold. The appearance of a rebuilt bangle is different, however, from a new one. Buffing this all away, of course, will mean loss of gold therefore weight so we leave the crinkly look alone. View the rebuilding process here. Why is the bangle so expensive? We do our best to keep our bangle prices as low as possible, given prevailing gold market prices. The bangle uses nearly 1.

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Can you use it for making my bangle? We may or may not be able to use your old gold jewelry in your bangle. First we must determine the purity of your metal and how much of it you have. Because the bangle formula uses pure 24k gold, any gold jewelry supplied will have to be sent out to be melted down and refined. Refining removes any alloys that may have been mixed with the gold.

For instance , , and carat gold all contain other alloys. We will adjust the cost of the final bangle based on the amount of gold you supply minus refining costs against the amount we will need to supply. If your jewelry contains gemstones, we recommend you have the stones removed before sending in your gold.

We cannot take responsibility for stones that will be lost during the refining process. Also there is a fee to have gold refined, so you would need a certain amount of gold to make this process cost-effective. We can give you more information about refining by phone or email. We generally do not take silver jewelry for use in the bangles. Why do some bangles look different from mine?

इसलिए पहनते है पुरुष अपने हाथ में कड़ा, फायदे जान के हैरान रह जायेंगे आप

Over the years many people have been responsible for making and repairing the General-Purpose astrological bangle. For this reason, variations in how the bangle is twisted—tightly or loosely, and the appearance of the ends can differ greatly. The way Master had them made while he was still in the body is the method I use, and has the ends finished with one strand folded over into a loop. There is another method that leaves the ends covered with a ball, but this seems to me to be a deviation from the formula, as the bangles I repair with these ends often have inaccurate metal weights.

See bangle variations in our gallery. Are there other types of astrological bangles? Now, consider Lava flowing into Natural fresh water lake Meetha Paani — without salt , the lava will go into that lake and the water will start evaporating thereby cooling the Lava. So, will happen in case of Lava flowing in Sea Water. But, the difference lies in "Salt" itself. It is proved that if we mix salt in water, the heat absorbing property of water is enhanced considerably and water can take more heat.

Normal Water boil at degrees and starts evaporating at degrees. But, salty water boils at degrees and evaporates at degrees. Now, this happens because, the salt present in Water help it to absorb more heat and in addition of absorbing, it also helps in spreading heat throughout the water dissipation of heat , which helps less evaporation and thereby saline water is much more efficient in case of Lava or volcano and this might be the reason that Panditji said that bronze nail tambe ki keel would be better in silver bangle.

Now, in Lal Kitab, there is a condition given, in which it says that if Mars is in 4th house, and if Moon is in 10th house, then that native does not have to worry about 4th house Mars as in this condition, the Mars stands Nullified. So, no upai is needed in this case. I will be greatly honoured if you would correct me if I am wrong as it will surely help me and all other group members to understand the basics that were followed by the respected Panditji in creating upais Respected Gurujans, Sadar Pranaam Now, I believe that Mars in the 4th house is just like a volcano Please note the temperature.

And, if we compare "Silver bangle", with "Silver bangle with bronze nail", then, how is the bangle with bronze nail different to that of normal.

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Now, this happens because, the salt present in Water help it to absorb more heat and in addition of absorbing, it also helps in spreading heat throughout the water dissipation of heat , which helps less evaporation and thereby saline water is much more efficient in case of Lava or volcano and this might be the reason that Panditji said that bronze nail tambe ki.

Water Moon. Respected Shukla Ji,It is a sad state that a learned person like you trying to twist the meanings of LalKitab diktats. From your mail, it seems, you even don't know, that in which context, Pandit Ji used the terms Khada, Leta and ganda Anda and what does it mean. It is really misleading if you try to link it with the Dayra of Budh.

The Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Shukla Ji Aap anday ko To haath nahin LagaTay hongay, is liye aap ko is kaa matlab maaloom nahin hoga. But,we used to play this game Khada, Leta Anda in our childhood. Regarding the Two Lines, it clarifies its meaning itself. In my opinion, what i gather from my studies , the darust halat of Budh is its true roundness without any kink or joint may it be in Bangle, Kada or Ring. RegardsNirmal Kumar Bhardwaj.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Vedic Astrology Jyotisha Search In. All Activity Home IndiaDivine. Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts. Guest guest. Report post. Posted May 8, I am new to the subject, so please excuse me if I have got it wrong. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted May 13, Respected Sanjeev ji, As you said, you are new to subject. You have asked about the remedy. Let me explain as I know little about it. Silver is the ashian of Moon.

In my opinion, if there is a posibility of Mars becoming Bad , then this remedy shall be prescribed. I will closely follow your instructions. Posted May 16, With Regards Lalkitabee V. This remedy is devised by some good old samaritan keeping in view of the LK principles. As far as I remember there is no mention of such remedy in LalKitab. Posted May 17, Need a vacation?

Get great deals to amazing places on Travel. Posted May 31, Bronze, here is taken to be similar in significance as that of Salt which is also of Sun. I am providing the message again as the previous message font got corrupted You can CHAT without downloading messenger. Know how!

Posted June 1, I am really happy that you liked my response about silver bangle. I assure you that I will again consider it with some other angle and after i am able to find something on it, i will surely again write in this groups on this topic. I will agin study the entire topic and leave it to Lal Kitab about that different angle.

Earlier, i had read about mars of 4th house about more than times, but, the logic that I gave in the message occured to me recently when i was just casually going through the pages. At that time, i was not even sure what to read so I just opened the book and Mars of 4th house came up. So, I started reading it and this thought and the entire explanation came to me automatically. So, I thought maybe, this is the exact reason. But, i will again study it and if Lal Kitab wished, i will certainly get another logical explanation about Mars of 4th house and its connection with Silver Bangle.

As per Lal Kitab Gutka, it is said Mangal in 4th is a kind of fire Jali anokhi aanch which can even " burn " fire itself — here the fire is referred to the fire of burning pyre which normally burns a dead body Shamshan ki aag ko bhi jala de.

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And, if we compare " Silver bangle " , with " Silver bangle with bronze nail " , then, how is the bangle with bronze nail different to that of normal silver bangle. But, the difference lies in " Salt " itself. Posted June 4, admin