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Each was linked to an elaborate astrological system to cover every facet of life. On the fifth day after the birth of a boy, the Mayan astrologer-priests would cast his horoscope to see what his profession was to be: soldier, priest, civil servant or sacrificial victim. Venus was seen as a generally inauspicious and baleful influence, and Mayan rulers often planned the beginning of warfare to coincide with when Venus rose. There is evidence that the Maya also tracked the movements of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, and possessed a zodiac of some kind.

The Mayan name for the constellation Scorpio was also 'scorpion', while the name of the constellation Gemini was 'peccary'. There is some evidence for other constellations being named after various beasts. The Aztec calendar shares the same basic structure as the Mayan calendar, with two main cycles of days and days.

The day calendar was called Tonalpohualli and was used primarily for divinatory purposes. Like the Mayan calendar, these two cycles formed a year 'century', sometimes called the Calendar Round.

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Here is your horoscope for August 17, Check out what the stars say your day will be like today. Here is your horoscope for August 16, Check out what the stars say your day will be like today. You should be concentrating on creating a better atmosphere at work, and encouraging more pleasant conditions all round. If your job involves people rather than things, you are poised to do very well indeed. Show colleagues that you are concerned with their interests and all should be well. During the past few weeks you have begun to find your feet.

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Most important now is your recognition that emotional relationships pervade every aspect of human activity, including work. You still have to ensure that you are not being taken for granted, and ever so gently you can begin to raise your profile in an important relationship. Remember, though, that your attitudes are coloured by the way you would like things to be, rather than how they are.