Astrology is still bullshit

Try to avoid attempting to change each other. My zodiac signs are Rooster and Cancer, and I think they mean I was born sometime from June 21st to July 23rd in the year of the Rooster. Log in Sign up. Say it with me.

  • Astrology isn’t fake—it’s just been ruined by modern psychology.
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Allergic to Baloney. So sick of people judging and appreciating others just because of their zodiac sign.

Why Astrology Is a Crock

All Horoscopes are bullshit, you hear? The rule of unsolicited advice. The rule is unless the person is harming themselves or others, keep your mouth shut. Example: -Their clothes are ridiculous: shut up. You get the point. Why are there so many people who believe in astrology on this site?

Welcome to Tumblr! You all realize that Astrology is bullshit, right. Unpopular, rather controversial opinion:. Daily reminder that astrology is indeed bullshit. Arse-strology, more bloody like. Secret Diary of a Fat Admirer astrology is bullshit. Meh astrology. People that believe in astrology make me so angry.

Y'all astrology folks need to keep in mind that Donald Trump is a gemini and Bernie is a virgo.

Is astrology bullshit? | ResetEra

We're in the 21st Century, so:. Oh wait, no need. I already unfollowed you. Me: Another astrology post? When are people going to give up on this crap?

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Also me: This astrology post is super accurate. I'm such a Gemini astrology is bullshit but it's kinda fun. Astrology is bullshit But occasionally I need it Like right now for instance. Dumb conversation at work today:. Astrology meanings. None whatsoever. Astrology astrology is bullshit I hate otherwise intelligent people projecting meaning into it At least mbti is based on tests. Astrology is bullsnit. The Signs As Numbers. It Hurts When I Pee. Mercury retrograde strikes again…. Scientific studies in turn show that these factors translate into differences during pregnancy for the mother, and during the formative years after the baby is born.

Astrology may be seen as taking the simple question of how the time of year that someone is born affects their personality — a perfectly valid scientific question. And indeed science has provided some answers already. For instance, those born in the winter months are more prone to psychological disorders like schizophrenia.

The stars are blind

If astrology is re-interpreted as correlating personality with seasons, by way of constellations in the sky, then I see no reason to call it unfounded. However, the mystic methodology that bloomed from this basic understanding is certainly unscientific and unfounded. Stars and planets have no determinative effect on our daily lives on this planet and anyone preaching such a message is either a fool or a charlatan.

Yet often pseudoscientific enterprises are based on some basic truth and in this case maybe some relationships simply are probablistically doomed from the start based on which season they were born. Skip to content My horoscopes today have promised me a strong ability to communicate with others so I decided to write this post.

Xe4 Member. Oct 25, 9, The little use it had predicting of planets, stars, etc. ArkkAngel Avenger. Only because Pisces is always given the bad description, if it isn't left out entirely. Spoiler Yes. All of it. Banzai said:. Shugga Member. Oct 25, 17, They often are antivax and all that shit too, what are the odds huh. Gernau Morat Gurgeh Member.

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Oct 31, 2, Majukun Member. Oct 27, 3, Paraside Member. Oct 25, 3, I like to think that the season you're born in has some very minor impact on your brain's development in your first year. So i guess that could overlap with astrology's huge generalisations. But either way: yes. GildedMango Member. Feb 6, Probavly, but I find it interesting. Depends on how deep you go though, since your main Zodiac sign is only one of like 12 different ones with different ways they relate to each other, so the amount of combinations you can have are pretty dang unique to an individual.

CrimzonSamurai Member. It works like this: Scorpio: You don't sleep a lot and you hold grudges even if you don't act on them. Now hoe many people born outside of Oct-Nov also fit that? I'd bet a decent number. Oct 27, 89 Brisbane, Australia.

Is astrology bullshit?

It's real and you should make important life decisions based on the advice given by them. Give them the same amount of credibility you would to advice from anonymous people on the Internet. Oct 26, 2, Oct 25, 1, PNW. Dirt McGirt Avenger. Oct 29, 2, Tezz Member. Oct 27, 1, California, U. Oct 25, 38, What do the signs tell you? FairyEmpire Member. Oct 25, 15, There literally is no correlation between the position of stars, the day you were born and your mood, luck, etc.. It's basically superstition, and it kinda surprises me how diffused and relevant it is.

Then again, so is religion. Oct 27, 1, Bay Area, California. Gravy Boat Member. I just googled my horoscope for today A radical force seems to be stirring up trouble and challenging your long-established beliefs about how things should be done and what you hold most dear, Gemini.

The truth is that what you might see as trouble is really a growing pain to be endured as you move to the next step in your personal evolution.

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Change is often difficult; however, this is what you're being called upon to do. That may include someone that a friend of yours thinks of as expressly their property, so make sure that your intentions are clear.

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After all, you have no interest in poaching on your friend's territory.