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This aspect indicates an emotional attraction born of sympathy, social conviviality, and mutual tastes and interests. Harmony, sympathy, a spirit of consideration for each other and helpfulness are stimulated by this aspect. There will be deep affection and devotion if other aspects show a growing and lasting attachment to be possible. This aspect is a strong attraction for love and marriage. The two of you can have a soothing, calming, encouraging effect on each other.

You can benefit each other through service, and often in material or financial ways.

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You have many tastes and interests in common which aid companionship and social enjoyments together. It indicates sexual attraction. You can coordinate your actions effectively and will respond instantly to each other's needs. This is a favorable aspect for mutual efforts in physical and mental self-improvement. You can work together effectively in business, financial and professional partnerships. It gives harmony in family and domestic relationships. You will share an enjoyment of travel and group and organizational activities related to cultural, religious, educational or charitable work.

This is a good combination for cooperation in family and domestic matters. It helps family and domestic compatibility in marriage and improves prospects for your emotional compatibility and the understanding of each other's basic modes of self-expression. There is often a strong psychic tie. Both planets are expansive and so can encourage efforts toward realization of material ambitions, too.

In the case of business associates, this aspect is propitious for the accumulation of wealth, if the charts are harmonious and show good endurability. The success and happiness of every individual rest upon it. There is scarcely any activity or situation in life that does not involve contact with other human beings. The more easily a person adjusts himself to family, community, and the associations he forms in earning his livelihood, the smoother will be his path in life.

Nearly all the tension and strain of modern living is brought about, not by difficult conditions, but by disturbing emotions aroused in personal, group, or public contacts. If you understand yourself, you will find it easier to understand others. Self-control enables you to handle your contacts more positively.

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In a horoscope we read individual personality through the sign ascending at the hour of birth - the rising sign; therefore the opposite point the 7th house is one's projected attitude toward others, or what we may call the general public. The planets symbolize one's instincts and urges, and if there is an inner conflict, as indicated by a square or opposition aspect in the individual horoscope, and by some of the conjunctions principally those in which one of the malefics is involved - Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto , this inner conflict will express itself in many, though probably not all, of his human contacts.

Bear in mind that in comparing horoscopes you are analyzing the effect of one individual upon another. The purpose of comparing horoscopes is to explore the possibilities and problems of an association; to understand why another person affects you as he does and how you are apt to affect him. Regarding romance and marriage, it is very important to distinguish the difference between personality and character. Astrology is the best way to diagnose the character of a person or the characteristics of a relationship. Yet remember, the horoscope shows tendencies only.

It is a matter for you to determine how any position will work itself out. To understand the CHARACTER of yourself and your love partner you should get the detailed Individual Birth Horoscopes which will reveal the main personality traits and allow you to understand your partner better and adjust this to your relationships in everyday life. At this low price you ll get 2 reports of pages for yourself and the same for your partner.

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Please apply the reference to child or children. God s love for us is a perfect example and starting place to study on love.

Relationship Astrology Synastry Mercury

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Improving quality and productivity 4. Improving People skills 5. Management control. This system is devised as a numerical scheme of interpretation that lets us easily see a snapshot assessment of the strength of a house thru a unique point system. The Rev. Alan R. Secretary of Commerce. What is adoption? Through adoption you can give a child a permanent, caring home and a sense of belonging, with the love and security of a stable family life guaranteed until they. We are fortunate to have this option and many of us find talking on-line is the next best thing to in-person.

Erikson s Theory: Intimacy versus Isolation Intimacy Making a permanent commitment to intimate partner Other close relationships: friends, work Involves giving up some newfound independence, redefining. Synastry reading.. Synastry reading!! Here are the aspects. I'm a leo girl attracted to a sagittarius guy!

Synastry: Love and Relationship Astrology

I made this synastry chart using a website but can't understand what it means? So i'm posting the aspects here n hopefully one of you can help me understand what are the most likely outcomes. Also how can i Also how can i attract this guy? Since it involves the Sun and is thus highly personal, it receives a higher value straight away.

However, the aspect is a sextile and is not especially close in orb, so its weighted value is less than the Sun-conjunction-Uranus aspect, weighing in at instead of If the aspect were a conjunction or square, or even a trine, the weighted value would be higher. It would also be higher if the orb were lower, which would mean the aspect was closer to exact and thus stronger. While the orb is a mathematical value, the value score is a subjective one. Some aspects are typically easier to manage and others present a challenge or struggle.

Astrologers use many different methods of determining the overall weight of an aspect that are not factored into these weighted values. Even so, these weights can help us quickly home in on aspects that are likely to have more strength than others and can be quite useful as long as we keep our minds open.

In the above example, final values are circled at the bottom of the table. These are totals of the positive values in the aspect chart, totals of the negative values in the aspect table, and then a sum of the two. This generally means there is more planetary aspect activity or stronger, closer aspects. In the example here, there are considerably more feminine than masculine signs represented.

Love Compatibility Between Signs

There is also a preponderance of Earth signs. This factor is listed and interpreted in the interpretive report on the same page, as are all other factors listed in this table. I am hoping this new notation will clear up misconceptions. The North Node and Ascending Node are the same things with slightly different names. Note that the calculations have not changed.

The Ascendant remains as the start of the first house in the Placidus house system and the North or Ascending Node position remain the same. This is simply a label change on the table. Although the Ascending Node is an accurate name for the North Node, the North Node has since become the more popular label. Above, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde.

Note that these bodies spend many months each year in retrograde motion, so finding the outer planets retrograde in a chart is very common. admin